The mission of Oduduwa temple

Anywhere in Africa the border between culture, religion and philosophy is invisible, because it is the way of life that comes from virtues and is suitable for all human beings. All of us are drinking water, breathing air, all of us depend on the earth, on the weather conditions, on each other … And the more we are aware of the abstract meaning behind these expressions of nature the more we are respectful towards ourselves, towards others and towards nature. Gratitude and respect together with patience, kindness, perseverance, diligence and calmness are virtues. If we live by these virtues we become a better person. And by that we become a better believer, father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, citizen etc. Regardless of the color of one’s skin, language and everything else.

This is why our mission surpasses teaching of philosophy, broadening of intercultural dialog and enabling “primordial experience” together with initiations. Our mission is to enable people to find their way back to themselves, to nature and enjoying in each and every moment of their lives as well as realizing that they are not born to suffer.

We have linked together three continents; Africa, South America and Europe – three so different civilizations with different cultures but with the common roots of humanity.

Join us in our big family!