The spiritual aspect of Bàbá King’s family

His mother Àlàkẹ́ was born into a family of Orisha priests. Her mother Kẹ́yìndé Ẹnioṣó was a priestess and the founder of Ọmọlú Burùkú temple in Kénta Okebodè in Abéòkúta. The grandfather of his mother was a priest of Ògbóni.

His grandfather on the father's side Sàlàkọ́ Sàlámì was a Bàbáláwo. The father of the mother from his father’s side was also a priest, and Olúwo. Even after 150 years he is still popularly known as Olúwo Imo, he was a strong spiritual leader, thus after almost 200 years since he was born people still know him, because he used to be responsible for the social wellbeing of this community.

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The history of Oduduwa Temple in Brazil

The history of Oduduwa Temple in Brazil started thirty years ago. When Bàbá King came to Brazil, this was the opportunity to live in the Western world. He could choose UK or USA, but he was attracted to Brazil because someone told him, that there are a lot of Orisha devotees and that Yoruba culture is strongly active in Brazil. So this was the first attraction towards Brazil.

He came to study, he finished his BAC, masters and doctorate degree in business administration management and sociology. Gradually he started teaching the Yoruba language and culture at the University for those, who are doing research and for those, who love Orisha. Because through the Yoruba language and culture they could learn so much about the Orisha philosophy. They could create the Yoruba thoughts. 

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Anywhere in Africa the border between culture, religion and philosophy is invisible, because it is the way of life that comes from virtues and is suitable for all human beings. All of us are drinking water, breathing air, all of us depend on the earth, on the weather conditions, on each other … And the more we are aware of the abstract meaning behind these expressions of nature the more we are respectful towards ourselves, towards others and towards nature. Gratitude and respect together with patience, kindness, perseverance, diligence and calmness are virtues. If we live by these virtues we become a better person. And by that we become a better believer, father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, citizen etc. Regardless of the color of one’s skin, language and everything else.

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