Divination and orientation

The most important factor in every divination is the diviner. In our everyday lives, we receive orientation from our friends, colleagues, neighbours, inquisitive persons, teachers at school and others, but instead we should be getting it from people who are actually able to point us to the right direction in life and who are, in doing so, unbiased.

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One day a man came for the Ifá divination with the aim of finding out what to do in order to improve his life. He was advised to make an offering to his ancestors so that they shall look upon him through blessed eyes. He did what he was told and received a blessing from his ancestors.

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The supreme divinity and Orisa 

Òrìṣà and the ancestors

Divinities and ancestors belong to the group of venerable beings. The Òrìṣà and the divinities take their shape through the expressions of nature. They are the creators of the divine and define the affiliation between the humans and the universe. This is why they represent virtues and powers of the universe while also managing the relationships within the system in its entirety.

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Orí – the inner altar

Orí – the inner altar, a place where our destiny is shaped – is a principle that determines the course of human lives.

Orí is the foundation of our personality that determines our good and bad luck, and that is precisely why our Orí (the place in our head) is our most prized possession and the thing we should worship.

Orí is symbolically represented by our head. Our head is also the reference for our physical personality. In the physical world, Orí is responsible for all personality traits that we exhibit outwardly, including our good or bad character, our impatience, self-confidence, responsibility and lack thereof. Our Orí is the main reference for our spiritual and social identity; therefore, it is of great importance to take good care of it.

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